Creating new, wearable pieces from old or broken jewellery

for you to cherish forever.

Re Creating your own unique style.

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About CA Re Creations

Re-Creations is Carole's brand of re-purposed and recycled jewellery, cloth, yarn and other mediums that are made into something new.

We all have favourite pieces of jewellery, things passed down to us, pieces that hold precious memories, jewellery that may be broken, but we can’t bear to part with.

What if you could wear them again?

What if a cherished piece could be turned into something totally unique to you, something you could wear again and again?

After an initial consultation with you, I can take your jewellery and re create something totally new for you.


Something beautiful as a wearable and lasting piece that you will want to show off every day.


What’s in your jewellery box that you wish you could still wear?