The commissions I do vary immensely....from simple changes to one of my existing products to making individual pieces of jewellery from sterling silver napkin rings!! 

Working in silver and copper, I can incorporate beads and crystals or even material. At this moment in time, I do not set stones or diamonds. You may have some old jewellery you want to update or change completely. No problem. Past commissions have seen me turn a Tiffany silver bracelet into earrings and a ring. Totally unique pieces for my client. 

Please contact me to discuss your commission needs and together we can create a fantastic piece of CA Creations jewellery for you to treasure. Please note that I do not work from designs or copy other makers jewellery. Pieces often take time to develop, but I work closely with my clients to ensure I create what is wanted and this is what I love about my job at CA Creations.