For my 50th Birthday I treated myself to a one day jewellery wire wrapping course in Lancaster. I was soon going back to learn traditional silver smithing techniques and found myself developing pieces using traditional and modern methods. Over the next twelve months I bought equipment to allow myself to make jewellery at home. I now have two workshop areas. One for soldering and hammering, the other a creative space (spare bedroom) for developing new designs. 

To my amazement, I found that ladies wanted to buy my jewellery and was encouraged to set up a business, so CA Creations was born. My niche products are created over time and can often hang around the workshop until a flash of inspiration hits me and it develops into a finished CA Creation. These are truly unique and cannot be replicated. I love working with silver and copper as they can be developed in many ways. Adding heat or hammering/forging encourages organic shapes and finishes. This is what excites me and inspires me to keep using them. Copper pipe is a favourite at the moment. Brass wire has also made an appearance... what next? There is still lots to learn and I am always looking for new techniques to use... so watch out for the next instalment... could be anything!!


Using scrap pieces of silver/copper and incorporating unfinished jewellery pieces, Carole has developed her Inspired Revivals collection which are truly one off pieces, unable to be copied due to their free form shape. This range is very limited and is always hallmarked with Carole's makers mark. Her inspiration comes from organic natural forms in nature and she lets the piece of metal influence the final piece. 

CA Creations Everyday Jewellery is a range of earrings, necklaces and rings made from silver and/or copper. This range also incorporates beads, crystals, clay buttons and other bits and pieces, so can be quite plain or a little more flamboyant. 

Momentos range involves using second hand jewellery and re inventing it into another wearable piece by incorporating new and old. Charity shops are a good source for these projects, but if you have something that needs a new lease of life then get in contact. 

New from Old is totally client based and individual to that person. Carole takes old or damaged jewellery or items such as silver napkin rings and makes them into an individual pieces of jewellery for her clients. Contact her for more information and help.

When my mum passed away earlier this year, I took two pairs of her earrings, (one pair I had bought for her and the other pair I had made for her) and used part of them to make a new pair of earrings which I wore at the funeral. After that I combined the new earrings with the old ones and made myself a pendant which has MUM stamped on it. It is totally unique, like my mum and is made up of her two favourite pairs of earrings. I feel so blessed to have been able to do this.

Carole 2017